VC-422 Control Router and Gang Roll

VC-422 Control Router and Gang Roll

The VC-422 Control Router can be used to connect controllers to VTRs and Disk Recorders, or use local controls to operate up to 24 vtrs for a show record, or to do about anything else required in the way of 9-pin connections.

The unit was originally designed for use in high-end mobile units as a replacement for traditional RS-422 patching, or matrix routers. It is unique in that it creates control groups, each of which may contain from one to twenty-four device ports. You might have one controller controlling 23 VTRs for example.

Each of the 24 ports can be used for either a controller or a controlled device. The function is changed depending on the selections made on the front panel. In addition, if there are multiple controlled devices on a given group, all but the first device are made 'listen only', so that there is no conflict on the return data path.

This results in a very flexible system, where you can quickly create almost any control combination that you can think of, with the VC-422 taking care of the housekeeping.

VC-422 Features

  • Unique, flexible unit designed to handle connection of 9-pin RS-422 control lines in mobile units or studios
  • 24 RS-422 ports, any of which may be controllers or controlled devices (VTRs)
  • 24 Tally outputs can be used to drive 'record' and 'servo locked' tally lamps (one per vtr port)
  • 8 Control Groups, which may contain any number of ports (up to 24)
  • Local front panel transport controls allow unit to function as a gang-roll controller when many vtrs must be rolled together (such as show record, or dubbing)
  • Fast, simple operation
  • Lighted Buttons give clear indication of configuration
  • Compact (2 RU) design requires little space in crowded equipment racks
  • Highly reliable; proven in years of tough mobile unit operation
  • Highest quality components. Designed and manufactured in the USA