TDC-100 Disk Controller

TDC-100 Panel The Lance Design TDC-100 Disk Controller is designed to integrate general-purpose DDRs, such as the EVS Spotbox, Fast Forward Omega, Abekas/Accom and others into the live production environment by interfacing to the production switcher via the P-Bus II protocol.

This protocol is supported by Grass Valley, Sony, Ross, and other major production switchers, and provides for automatic recall of TDC registers in response to EMEM recalls. This allows the disk playbacks to be a tightly-integrated part of switcher effects. The four control channels of the controller can be used for any combination of key, fill, background loops or other playbacks, with channels controlled independently, slaved together in key/fill pairs, or any other combinations.

GPI control is also included, should that be required.

TDC-100 Features

  • Support of most disk recorders, using industry-standard Sony/Odetics RS-422 protocol
  • Simple, fast, reliable operation
  • 300 registers
  • Storage of Cues and Menu settings on USB thumb drive
  • Clip Name List/Store/Recall
  • Single or Multi-channel looping
  • Multi-point loops for lead-in/loop/tail-out animations
  • Reliable, syncronous playback of up to 4 channels for key/fill or critical playbacks
  • Full-function numeric keypad with arithmetic (add, subtract, trim, etc.)
  • Register Copy function
  • Auto-dub feature controls playback vtr for frame-accurate transfers to ddr
  • Wide-range power supply and 25/30 frame per second operation for world-wide use
  • Highest quality components. Designed and manufactured in the USA

This controller has gained wide acceptance by the top network and freelance TDs, and is used by ABC, CBC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, NBC, FOX, TBS/TNT, and many other major broadcasters. It is very easy to use, compact, and like all Lance Design products, designed with the ruggedness and reliability required for professional location broadcast use.