TDC-100 Cue Manager Software for Windows

Cueman for Windows Cue Manager ('Cueman') is a software application for the Windows operating systems which allows the register contents of the Lance Design TDC-100 to be downloaded from the TDC-100 to a PC (your notebook computer) and saved to a file, and to be uploaded from a file back into the TDC-100. This allows you to store the contents of the TDC registers off-line, and to restore them quickly and accurately when you go to the next truck or show. CueMan also allows menu settings to be stored and recalled.

The file saved on the Windows computer is a comma-delimited text file, with the file type '.TD2'. This file saved with Windows is identical to a .TD2 file saved with a Mac, or directly to a USB thumb drive. The file may be imported into an Excel or similar spreadsheet for printing, editing, etc., and may then be exported as a comma-delimited file and uploaded back to the TDC-100. Note that this use of Excel is not required for simply uploading or downloading cues; this is all accomplished withing the Cueman application

Left to Right, the Excel Columns are:

Reg# | A In | A Out | B In | B Out | C In | C Out | D In | D Out | Gang | Speed | A Clip | B Clip | C Clip | D Clip

Download Cueman for Windows using the download button or the menu. There is also a prototype (blank) Excel spreadsheet and information about hardware interfacing available in the menu.

A Mac version of Cueman is also available.

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