ADX-8000 Switch and Dual Power Supply

ADX-8000 Switch and dual power supply

The ADX-8000 Ethernet Switch and Dual Power Supply provides both network connectivity and DC power for ADX-120 Announce Units and/or ADX-140 XLR Interface Units. It combines everything required to support these devices in a compact, lightweight 1RU package.

A single ADX-8000 can support up to eight ADX-120s and ADX-140s, in any combination. This means that even a large announce booth system may be supported by a single ADX-8000. No other equipment is required.

Four gigabit Ethernet fiber ports are provided. Only one is required to link to the truck/control room, but a second may be used to provide a backup fiber link. The other ports may be used to extend the network to another location, providing a high degree of flexibility.

Dual ultra-high efficiency power supplies provide redundant load-sharing power for both the ADX-120s and ADX-140s and the Ethernet Switch. Continuous monitoring of supply status is provided on the front panel.

ADX-8000 Features

  • Eight RJ45 Ethernet ports with switchable DC power for ADX-120s or ADX-140s
  • Four Gigabit Ethernet ports on bi-directional single-mode ST fiber connectors
  • Fiber ports utilize industry-standard SFP modules and may be easily configured to suit customers' requirements
  • SFP modules are fully enclosed to protect them from damage
  • Front panel trunking control is provided to allow easy control of trunking or 'port aggregation' for redundant fibers
  • No web-based configuration required. Very simple controls are all on the front panel
  • Front panel monitoring of power supply status, internal temperatures, switch/system health, and link/activity status for all ports
  • Wide-range, high-efficiency power supplies provide fully redundant power to both the switch and the ADX-120s and ADX-140s
  • An auxilliary DC input on a 4-pin XLR allows operation of the entire system on batteries if no AC is available
  • The ADX-8000 may also be used at the truck or control room to support up to eight ADX-2400s, or as a robust general-purpose Ethernet switch
  • Highest quality components. Designed and manufactured in the USA