ADX-60 Utility Dante Interface Unit

The ADX-60 Utility Dante Interface is a compact analog and AES interface to a Dante network. The audio I/O provides very high quality, low noise connections to and from a standard Dante audio network. The ADX-60 includes a built-in AC power supply, and two standard bi-directional single-mode fiber ports, in addition to two standard RJ-45 gigabit Ethernet ports.

ADX-120 Announce Unit

This device provides six balanced line-level analog outputs and two balanced line-level analog inputs, as well as six channels of AES outputs (three pairs) and two AES inputs. The AES inputs and outputs can be locally syncronous, and do not require that the Dante network and the local AES clocks be locked together, permitting maximum system flexibility.

Perfect for providing Dante interface and fiber transmission for such things as PA racks, wireless mics and IFBs, house or press feeds, etc. Fiber ports are built-in, no other hardware required.

ADX-60 Features

  • Industry standard Audinate Dante network protocol
  • Two balanced analog line inputs; two AES inputs with sample rate converters.
  • Six balanced analog line-level outputs; six AES outputs
  • All audio inputs and outputs indiviually routable with Dante Controller
  • Two built-in bi-directional fiber ports on standard ST connectors
  • Two RJ45 gigabit Ethernet ports
  • AES timing independent of Dante network timing
  • Remote status (including fiber optical power) available via ADX Remote software
  • Dante interface is Audinate Brooklyn II for maximum performance and fanout
  • Includes two high-quality tone generators which can be routed in Dante for testing purposes
  • Compact and reliable. All audio paths are carefully designed for optimum 24-bit performance
  • Highest quality components. Designed and manufactured in the USA