ADX-3200 Analog Dante Interface

ADX-3200 Analog Dante Interface

The ADX-3200 Analog Dante Interface is an ideal all-in-one solution to providing Dante networking capability to your mobile unit or studio facility, enabling networked announce booths, interview positions, etc. Networked audio systems provide unmatched flexibility, easy and inexpensive fiber interconnection, easy expansion, reliability, and optimum audio quality.

The ADX-3200 is a new product which replaces the proven ADX-2400N Analog Interface. The 3200 provides 32 channels onto and off of the Dante network, is smaller and lighter than the 2400, and priced considerably lower. It also includes built-in fiber ports on ST connectors, and a 16x8 four-wire PL matrix to provide the PL assignment functions of the familiar 'thumbwheel' panels.

The ADX-3200 contains everything required at the mobile unit to implement a Dante-based announce booth using only 1RU of rack space, and at a very attractive cost.

ADX-3200 Features

  • Industry-standard Dante networking protocol
  • 32 channels transmitted to network, 32 channels received from network
  • 24 local analog inputs, 24 local analog outputs, all +4 dBm balanced
  • 16 x 8 four-wire PL matrix allows 'thumbwheel' assignment of network PL drops
  • Front panel control of preamp gains, IFB configurations, etc. in connected ADX-120s and ADX-140s
  • Dual RJ45 Cat5E network connections
  • Dual ST single-mode bidirectional fiber network connections - no switch or media converter required
  • Optical power monitoring on front panel to insure integrity of fiber links
  • Front panel headphone and VU monitoring for all paths
  • Internal tone generator for all local and network outputs
  • Straight-forward front panel operation with status and fault monitoring
  • Dual power supplies with fault monitoring for maximum reliability
  • Compact, lightweight unit - 1RU and only 9 inches deep
  • Fully compatible with all Dante-enabled products
  • Highest quality components. Designed and manufactured in the USA