ADX-2400D AES Network Interface

ADX-2400D Network Interface Unit

The ADX-2400D AES Network Interface provides an interface between 24 local AES input channels and 24 local AES output channels and either a Dante or Cobranet networked audio environment

All AES inputs and outputs may be locally syncronized, regardless of network timing, making them useful for transmission between non-syncronous systems.

These units may serve as the 'truck end' of ADX networked announce systems, or with other 2400s for transmission or distribution, or to provide a network interface for other vendors' networked products.

ADX-2400D Features

  • 24 local inputs, 24 local outputs
  • 24 channels transmitted to network, 24 channels received from network
  • Available with either Audinate Dante or Cirrus Cobranet network protocol
  • Remote control of preamp gains, IFB configurations, etc. in connected ADX-120s and ADX-140s
  • 12 two-channel AES inputs on 75 ohm BNC connectors
  • 12 two-channel AES outputs on 75 ohm BNC connectors
  • AES reference input (BNC) to syncronize output timing to house reference
  • High-quality SRCs (sample rate converters) on both inputs and outputs to simplify syncronizing considerations
  • Internal matrix on IFB inputs, PGM inputs (Cobranet version only)
  • Internal 4-wire PL matrix
  • Flexible internal mix for Talkback signals
  • Front panel headphone and VU monitoring for all paths
  • Straight-forward front panel operation with status and fault monitoring
  • Dual power supplies with fault monitoring for maximum reliability
  • Two network connections provided for optional redundant Ethernet path
  • Highest quality components. Designed and manufactured in the USA