ADX-140 XLR Interface Panel

The ADX-140 XLR Interface Unit provides functionality similar to the ADX-120 Announce Units, but broken out to panel-mounted XLR connectors

ADX-140 XLR Interface Unit

The ADX-140 is a light weight 1RU unit which provides a combination of mic/line inputs, wet or dry ifb/line outputs, and multi-channel wet PLs all in one box. It can provide all of the audio circuits required for an interview or standup position, or used in conjunction with ADX-120 announce units to provide additional circuits in an announce booth.

ADX-140 Features

  • Utilizes industry-standard Audinate Dante network protocol
  • Four mic or line inputs with phantom power available
  • Very high performance, extremely quiet microphone preamps with remotely adjustable gain
  • Two announcer talkback channels, controlled by GPI closures
  • Two IFB outputs, each of which may be 2-Channel wet (RTS format) or balanced dry
  • Two channels of wet RTS-format PL
  • PL1 and PL2 are combined on one XLR, and separately available with PGM1 and PGM2 on two additional XLRs
  • Four RTS-Format power supplies; two for IFBs and two for PLs. Each supply is short and overload protected
  • ADX-140 connects directly to RTS IFB and PL beltpacks; no additional equipment reqired
  • All PL and IFB audio paths are 24-bit digital for superb audio quality
  • Two Ethernet ports for redundant network connection if desired
  • Remote control of all configuration, and remote status monitoring
  • Built-in AC power supply, or may be powered via the Cat5 network cable, or both
  • Highest quality components. Designed and manufactured in the USA

The ADX-140 will interface easily with any other Dante-enabled products, such as audio consoles or intercom systems, or any other Lance Design ADX-series equipment. Full remote control of such parameters as preamp gains, phanatom power, IFB configurations, etc. is provided by either front-panel control from ADX-2400 or ADX-3200 units, or from the ADX Remote Control application for Windows computers. The ADX-140 utilizes the high-end Audinate 'Brooklyn II' module for the Dante interface, which provides maximum flexibility in Dante configuration, and optimum low-latency performance.