ADX-120 Specifications

Microphone/Line Inputs Two low-impedance balanced. Phantom power available
Preamp Gain (total path) +25dB to +70dB
Freq Response (All Paths) 20-20KHz, +/- 0.5 dB
Microphone Channel EIN 125 dB, bandwidth-limited to 25KHz
System Signal/Noise 100 dB below peak level, bandwidth-limited to 25KHz
A-D and D-A Conversion 24-bit, 48KHz
Digital Processing 24-Bit, 48KHz, via dual-core 32-bit DSP
IFB 1 Outputs 2 channel dry unbalanced. Max power in 600 ohms is 120mw.
IFB 2 Outputs 2 channel wet RTS-format or single-channel dry +4dB nom.
PL Interface 2 channel wet RTS-format. DC current to support 2 beltpacks
PL Trans-hybrid Loss Greater than 55 dB
Remote Control From ADX-2400, From rear-panel RS232, or GPI
Network Transmit Channels Six: Mic1, Mic2, Talkback1, Talkback2, PL1-TX, PL2-TX
Network Receive Channels Six: IFB1, IFB2, PGM1, PGM2, PL1-RX, PL2-RX.
Front Panel Switches Three: Mute, Talkback 1, Talkback 2. RGB Illumination
System Addressing Rear panel two-digit rotary switches. Address 01-99
Network Interface 100baseT Ethernet (redundant RJ45 ports)
Ethernet Bandwidth Required Approximately 8 megabits/sec each direction per ADX-120
Power Requirements 48 Volts, 9.5 watts with no beltpacks. POE (IEEE 802.3af) Supported
Cabinet Dimensions 9.125" Wide, 5.5" Deep, 2.25" High. 235mm X 140 X 55mm
Weight Approx. 2 Pounds