ADX-120 Networked Announce Unit

The ADX-120 Announce Unit provides everything required for a standard announce position for live sports or any other application. All audio transmission, remote control, and power is supplied over one standard network (Cat5) cable.

ADX-120 Announce Unit

The ADX-120 announce units are the perfect front end of a networked announce booth, using an industry-standard Dante network. They are fully compatible with a large number of Dante-enabled products, and utilize the high-performance Audinate Brooklyn II modules for maximum flexability of Dante routing and fan-out. The ADX-120s have proven themselves on numerous Olympics, Superbowls, US Opens, Academy Awards, and many other major live broadcast events.

The interconnection to the truck or control room is typically a single strand of fiber for the entire announce booth. A second fiber may be used as a redundant path.

ADX-120 Features

  • Two microphone Inputs: a front panel headset input and a rear panel XLR for a second mike or line source
  • Very high performance, extremely quiet microphone preamps with remotely adjustable gain
  • Phantom power available for both mic inputs
  • Two-channel (interrupt and program) IFB for the headset, with high-gain option for noisy environments
  • A second two-channel IFB on a rear panel XLR. This output can be wet (RTS format) or dry balanced
  • Two-channel RTS-format wet intercom/PL on a rear panel XLR (stage mgr or stats)
  • Built-in 2-to-4 wire converters and power supplies. No additional hardware required to drive RTS beltpacks
  • Two talkback channels, with illuminated, relegendable buttons on the top of the unit
  • An illuminated mute button (or mic on/off) for the headset microphone
  • All buttons configurable for momentary or latching operation, and illumination colors
  • Two Ethernet ports for redundant network connection if desired
  • POE operation supported (IEEE 802.3af)
  • Remote control of all configuration, and remote status monitoring
  • Compact and reliable. All transmission is digital for great sounding mics, super-quiet and clean PLs and IFBs
  • Highest quality components. Designed and manufactured in the USA

The ADX-120 interfaces perfectly with any standard Dante network, and can feed Dante-enabled consoles directly. An ADX-2400, ADX-3200 or a Windows application provides remote control of all functions and status monitoring of various parameters such as board temperature and PL and IFB voltages and currents. The connection between the booth and the truck is Ethernet, typically fiber. The ADX-8000 Switch / Dual Power Supply (or any suitable standard POE ethernet switch) provides the network fiber interface and power for the ADX-120s.